Advanced Manufacturing Technician I-III

    • Job Tracking ID: 85347-308192
    • Job Location: Oklahoma City, OK
    • Job Level: Entry Level (less than 2 years)
    • Level of Education: High School/GED
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Date Updated: 11/17/2020
    • Years of Experience: 2 - 5 Years
    • Radford Job Code: 0792x
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Job Description


Manufactures complex products by using various technologies and manufacturing methods. Works under minimal supervision.



Performs a variety of tasks, which require an in depth knowledge of composite drone production processes including; lamination, bonded assembly, finishing, subassembly, final assembly and test.

  • Complies with established safety protocols
  • Follows FOD (Foreign Object Prevention) practices
  • Interprets and follows manufacturing orders
  • Trims, grinds, drills and sands composite parts to precise dimensions.
  • Mixes and applies appropriate adhesives and bonds components to form sub-assemblies
  • Prepares, abrades and bonds composite and metal-to-composite assemblies
  • Performs electronic assembly soldering, crimping, splicing, harness fabrication, and control panel building
  • May work from engineering drawings, rough sketches, manuals and/or verbal engineering direction
  • May fabricate prototype parts from engineering sketches
  • Prepares products for vacuum bagging (pre-preg)
  • Operates shop related machinery including, but not limited to: ovens, autoclaves, vacuum equipment, pneumatic tools, common hand tools, motorized and non-motored tools, multi-meters, electronic test equipment, torque wrenches and scales
  • Handles, applies, stores and disposes of composite materials, adhesives, sealants, resins and solvents per proper hazardous waste disposal policy
  • Supports and exhibits the focus of zero defects as well as “right-the-first-time” approach
  • Inspects finished products for conformance to specifications
  • Complies with established QMS policies and procedures
  • Provide training and direction to new employees


Non-Essential Job Duties:

  • Infrequent travel to support customer sites may be required
  • Other duties may be assigned



  • May provide general direction to team members where assigned 
  • Provide Training to new technicians in area of expertise 



  • Must be 100% flexible in job assignment
  • Must be willing to shift attention to new assignment with short notice
  • Must meet safety, quality, delivering and cost objectives
  • Ability to work in any production area within the manufacturing plant
  • Ability to read and interpret electronic schematics
  • Ability to troubleshoot failures at various levels of the manufacturing process
  • Ability to use automated test equipment
  • Ability to perform required repairs as directed by Engineering and Management
  • Must be able to perform complex lamination repairs
  • Must be able to demonstrate accurate math skills
  • Must be able to demonstrate attention to detail
  • Must be able to demonstrate the accurate use of measurement equipment
  • Ability to differentiate between various types of composite materials
  • Ability to operate equipment used within various departments
  • Ability to interpret and work from industry standards and military specifications.
  • Ability to adhere to workplace rules as outlined in the employee handbook
  • Be proactive to identify and communicate process improvement ideas.
  • Ability to maintain sensitive and confidential information as required by government standards
  • Ability to interact effectively with peers and supervisors
  • Ability to interact appropriately with the public when necessary
  • Ability to adhere to workplace rules
  • Ability to effectively communicate professionally in writing or verbally with all levels of personnel


Advanced Manufacturing Technician I

  1. Works under limited supervision.
  2. Demonstrates a basic understanding of aircraft drawings and schematics.
  3. Proficiently executes basic FOD (Foreign Object Prevention) practices.
  4. Expert in one area of manufacturing ranging from Lamination, bonded assembly, finish, mechanical assembly, Avionics Assembly, or test.
  5. Assists others during manufacturing process.
  6. Assists senior advanced manufacturing technicians with installation of components during lamination, bonding, and aircraft buildup at Fuselage and Aircraft Assembly levels.

Advanced Manufacturing Technician II

  1. Works under limited supervision
  2. Assembles aircraft parts and sub-assemblies
  3. Works under limited supervision.
  4. Ability to read and understand drawings
  5. Proficiently executes basic FOD (Foreign Object Prevention) practices
  6. Expert in one area of manufacturing and proficient in one other area (Lamination, bonded assembly, finish, mechanical assembly, Avionics Assembly, or test)
  7. Leads others during manufacturing process
  8. Works with other technicians with installation of components during lamination, bonding, and aircraft buildup at Fuselage and Aircraft Assembly levels

Advanced Manufacturing Technician III

  1. Works under minimal supervision
  2. Ability to read and understand Drawings
  3. Train and mentor other technicians
  4. Perform prototype work with minimal documentation
  5. Ability to create process and work instructions to transfer prototype parts to production
  6. Ability to set routing hour and part work standards for routings
  7. Assists in the troubleshooting of aircraft as needed
  8. Demonstrates the ability to perform required repairs as directed by Engineering and Supervision
  9. Expert in two or more areas of manufacturing
  10. Ability to train other less experienced personnel
  11. Subject matter production expert for functional area
  12. Follows ATP (Aircraft Test Procedure) practices
  13. Consistently performs at or above established production standards
  14. Can perform troubleshooting subsystems and system level tests

Experience and Skills



  • Requires high school education or equivalent
  • Requires experience with aircraft manufacturing
  • 5+ years hands-on experience in composite manufacturing
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in electromechanical assembly
  • Experience with vacuum bagging and various forms of lamination repair
  • Experience with general aircraft assembly



  • Office and/or manufacturing environment
  • Ability to stand and sit for long periods of time
  • Ability to perform repetitive motion
  • Ability to lift up to 25 pounds
  • Employee may generate, handle, manage, or work around hazardous materials and hazardous wastes



  • 0-5% - May be required between KUAS locations